Barbora Cicoňová

Straighten your back a bit.

Exhibition opening: neděle 18/06/2017 – 14:30
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat-Sun 13-17
Empty commercial space: bývalý Hotel Palace, 28. října 239/59



In my thesis I focus on the esthetical interplay between organic and inorganic, dualism that surrounds us. The connection of the strict, the stern and the human with the natural, unrestrained and organic. The systems people live in, namely in cities, change the values of family.
In the installation, I give people an option to choose how to interpret; that duality which surrounds them in everyday life and which will be presented for them solely in a single room. This is a change in space-organization and, therefore, I believe, a change in awareness of certain connections; the concrete parks we surround ourselves with and the opposite: the most peaceful moment of being in connection with nature.