Ilona Švihlíková(CZ)

How the country turned into a colony

Vernisáž:Tuesday 27. 6. 2017 – 17:00
Otevírací doba: Mon-Frei 11-19, Sam-Son 13-17
Klub Atlantik, Čs. Legií 7





Insecurity – not only the economical
Ilona Švihlíková wil focus on the Czech Republic in the context of current world events, signified by high levels of insecurity about future, thanks to higher frequencies of crises. Czech Republic found itself in a position of dependent economy which again influences local politics. Insecurity about future developments and lack of strategic planning prevents future improvements of conditions and creation of strategy for less dependent economy – a colony.
How to deal with such insecurities will be one of the main subjects of the book.

Ilona Švihlíková (1977) graduated from VŠE, her PhD. dissertation was Political Aspects of Globalization. She gave lectures at VŠE and private higher education schools. In 2011 she became a Docent in the field of international relations.
Author/coauthor of : Globalization and crisis, Breaking Point, How we became a colony, A Greek tragedy. Her main focus is international economy and the politics of economy in general – meaning the relationships between interacting economic actors.
Švihlíková set up a pressure-group Alternativa Zdola (From the Bottom Up Alternative), which engages in area of participative budgets and economic democracy.
This year she founded an analytical, independent web !Argument along with her friends. She is a member of Dělnická tělocvičná jednota (Worker‘s Physical Education Union) and is often featured on radio and television.


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