Iren Stehli (CH): Tailor Sláma
Guided exhibition tour with the artist

Friday 16/06/2017 at 13:30
Opening exhibition:
Thursday 15/06/2017 v 17:30
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat-Sun 13-17
Empty commercial space: Dlouhá 6 





Iren Stehli photographed the unique Prague tailor Mr. Sláma for five years (1976-1981). During that time, she has not only recorded his work and apartment (tailor’s salon, kitchen and bedroom all in one room), but also his social life, hobbies and customs. In this way was created one of the most beautiful and tender project in the history of Czech photography. The project however is far from talking only about Tailor Sláma, it points at the ability to live one´s life, even if the given times are not the most open and liberal.