Marek Hrubec (CZ)
Unbound Society

22/6/2017 at 17:00
Hours: Mon–Fri 15–19, Sat–Sun 13–17
MoaP Townhall, Dr. E. Beneše 555/6



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The lecture will present a current theme of “unbound society” and seek a solution to current unsatisfactory state of society: a need of a change.
The lecture is also an introduction to book of interviews “Unbound Society: Interviews about a necessary social change”.

In this lecture, Martin Hrubec will clarify main differences in societies in different parts of the world in the light of current global conflicts and migration.
The European perspective will be followed and built upon with African perspective, which on one hand shows African vitality and resourcefulness and on the other extreme poverty and fragmentation of African society.
Marek Hrubec frames these topics as a philosopher and a social researcher, who(,) with his African colleagues in tropical Africa(,) established a university for students from countries in conflict and post-conflict.
His book, often referred to during the lecture, presents following questions: what is the role of us, Czech and generally European citizens, in the current global world order? What issues are inherent? What is the role of people in tropical Africa? How does this influence the everyday working concept of reality, here and there? How does this relate to the historical and current (in)justice? What is the role of these phenomena in revolutions and transformations? What groundwork is being explored in societies in Latin America, Europe, China and elsewhere in the world?
The book and the lecture are a joint challenge to think critically about our present-day society and the nature of both global and local changes it entails.

Contributors: Marek Hrubec, Jan Keller, Vladimíra Dvořáková, Jean Bosco, Wagdy Sawahel, Jan Rovenský, Břetislav Horyna, Martin Solík, Pavel Dinka.