Photo Credit: Pavel Kotrla

Marek Šindelka

Material fatigue

Monday: 19/06/2017 at 17:00
MoaP Townhall, Dr. E. Beneše 555/6




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“Frozen landscape and in it a teenage boy. He could have been a runner on a meticulously laid-out, performance-measured sport track. Now he‘s a refugee and he runs for life. Behind him, a country devastated by a war. Before him a single, dreamy goal – northern Europe, where he’s to meet his older brother, his only remaining relative.
Nothing to eat, nothing to warm up with, no phone which held everything: a map, light, human voice. He moves like an error in a system, like a shadow on the edges of landscape and society. The world they used to imagine with his brother now resembles a mere manufacturing cycle, where an individual has no place: production of cars, production of meat in slaughterhouses, machinery of entertainment and information, instant snapshots of the world, production of fear…”

The parallel interweaving journey of the characters in Marek Šindelka‘s award winning fiction book (Magnesia Litera 2017) will not be the only subject of the evening.
Through the book, we will explore Europe from the outside – the viewpoint of Wikipedia, and also Europe as a giant machine, spectacularly beautiful like a fractal water crystal, and equally frosty.
The one thing that stands against it, as in –and not only – Marek’s book, is a fragile human body. A body of a man, reduced to a task, to a statistical figure, to material.

Marek Šindelka (1984) Czech author, debuted with a collection Strychnin and other poems (Paseka, 2005 – Jiří Orten Award, 2006). His novel Chyba (Error, 2008) has been turned into a namelike comics book (2011, Mašek, Lipavský, Pure Beauty). His collection of stories Mapa Anny (A map of Anne, 2014) has been widely acclaimed.
Twice awarded Magnesia Litera for fiction, in 2012 for a collection of short stories Zůstaňte s námi (Stay with us), and in 2017 for his latest work, a novel Únava materiálu (Material fatigue).
Šindelka studied culturology at Faculty of Philosohpy, Charles Univerzity, and screenwriting at FAMU. Lives in Prague and writes for Hospodarske noviny.