Ondřej Durczak (CZ)

Photography publications about Ostrava region after 1945

: Friday 16/06/2017 v 18:30
Hours: Mon–Fri 11–19, Sat-Sun 13–17
Fiducia, Nádražní 30



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Photo publications of Ostrava region

An exhibition of the official photographic publications about Ostrava region, published between 1948 and 1989 will show an elementary and distinctive overview of the totalitarian tendencies characteristic in the print material of the era, together with the look of Ostrava in the past decades.
A purely self-curated exhibition by Ondřej Durczak, postgrad student at ITF, Silesian University of Opava, who explored the subject in his dissertation and his ITF lecturer Dita Pepe.

Socio-political situation often influenced the production of these propaganda works. The photos let you notice and separate general motives like 1st May processions, statues of political leaders, spring season, housing estate, various public services, recreational locations and in the case of Ostrava, mining and metallurgy themes.

The exhibition combines two parts: apart from the content of the books, the covers are already expressive in presenting the Ostrava region as a land of hard work and prosperity. A photography publication becomes a mosaic that reflects the view of the industrial metropolis of that time.

Then there are selected double-pages from various publications, which are combined together into an archetypal photo-book, honouring the context of the sources.

This way the exhibition not only showcases period publications, but also conveys the officially approved representative form and content of the era.