Peter Brinkemper (DE)

Photography as a metaphor – a medium on the way to digital real-time

17/6/2017 v 17:30
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat-Sun 13-17
Hlubinna – Cineport



What are the effects of medial change from analogue to digital photography? Do we have a technological advance that leaves everything behind? Do we first learn from a distance what analogue photography meant, the historically unique inscription and representation of things in the natural and artificial light of a fading realism? Are we saying goodbye to the capture of a space-time-related reality? Do we intrude into layers of the model-staged construction of the ego and the world, in the middle of the global real-time net of endless data streams and overloaded attention? Are we longing for empty images and images of emptiness? Are we developing radical new albums?

Peter Brinkemper – Studies in German Philology and Philosophy at the University of Bonn. 1996 doctorate with a study on intermediality in Thomas Mann’s Novel Doctor Faustus. Publications on literature, media, film and photography (print and internet). Contributions to exhibition catalogues, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, on F.C. Gundlach, Guy Bourdin and Sarah Moon.