Zeiss presents:
Zdeněk Bína  – Street photography

Friday 23/06/2017 at 17:00
Menza – corner of Reální č. 5/Poštovní 13



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During his talk, Photographer and musician Zdenek Bina will present his journalist photography full of emotion and authenticity. You will learn how he became fascinated by capturing the world around him, getting to know people and enjoying photography…

“As a musician, I never expected another >creative force< to enter my life and dominate it as much as music does. When I was a boy, I kept drawing and I wanted to be an artist. Photography, for me as an adult, became a fascinating gateway to creating pictures.
At first I just wanted to record our life with our daughter Jasminka. Then, thanks to travelling, I discovered street photography – having the camera on you at all times, having this forever shifted view of reality, of people, the light and the situations which just happen as a result of all of this.
Then the first commissions came and I found that I still love it, so it all grew bigger and I ended up in a partnership with ZEISS, who chose me as their ambassador. I still struggle to explain how much I appreciate it; I still feel the same as when I started, only now I can observe the world through heavenly optics 😉 “

Zdeněk Bína

Ftuher info: http://zdenekbinafoto.cz/